112 Exits totally 23 Billion USD

(Without the deals of the century Mobileye and NeuroDerm: 6,6 billion USD)

2016: 55 Exits

2015: 70 Exits

2014: 70 Exits


45 Billion US$  were invested in IL-start-ups in the last 5 years

USA and Canada are the most agile investors 39% and buyer:42%

Israel takes rank nr. 2 (big investors: Checkpoint, Mellanox, GETT)

EU 13% (tail lamp)


At least 87 multinationale companies opened in the last 3 years R&D or innovation labs in Israel. Most of them after investing in a  start-up. R&d ranking: USA: 49, Canada: 6, UK and China each 5, Japan 3, Swiss, D, Fr, Indien, NL, RU each 2, Brasil, Sweden, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Australia Thai each 1.

(Source: Start-up Nation Central, an Israel-based non-profit that tracks the Israeli innovation ecosystem.)


Israel ranks 2 among the most innovative countries worldwide  (Source:World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017) Swiss Nr 1, Finnland, USA and Germany next in ranking.

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