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Welcome to German-Israel Fund Management (GIFM)

Godel Rosenberg, Head of German – Israel Fund Management (GIFM)

We are a management organisation supporting your investments in Israel´s start-ups.

We are at home in both eco-systems in Israel and Germany.


Why invest in Israel? In 2021, Israeli high-tech companies enjoyed a record of capital investments, raising $25.6 billion in 773 deals. This exceptional amount was 146% higher than the annual 2020 amount, mostly due to the large number of deals over $100 million that accounted for a 55% share

of the total sum for 2021.

Do not miss the opportunity!


In 2021, Cyber Security and Fintech enjoyed record capital intake; 23 financing rounds (Cyber Security*) and 21 deals (Fintech*) attracted more than $100m each, respectively.
While FoodTech trends have grown steadily over the years, with the largest amount raised this year. The largest deals in Cyber Security were Claroty ($400m) and Fireblocks ($310m); Deel ($425m) and Celsius Network ($400m) topped capital raising in Fintech; record FoodTech deals were Future Meat Technologies ($320m) and Aleph Farms ($105m).



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