Our joint projects

Over 2 000 hours of sunshine attract photovoltaic-experts from Bavaria to support Israeli companies or to invest. Partners on both sides have to offer a lot.


Israel has been an OECD-country since 2010 and is challenged to dispose agriculture waste according to international regulations of environmental protection.


Bavarian companies experienced in biogas have the right answer.

We are all in need of security devices and particularly solutions for anti-cyber-attacks. Israel is experienced and willing to help and to cooperate.


Fresh water for all of us – is yet an unfulfilled demand of the United Nations (UN). Bavaria and Israel have a lot of experience for potential partners especially in the Third World.


Tourists from all over the world are interested in Israel and Bavaria. Both regions are cooperating to shape the future of the tourism industry.


IT speaks English and feels at home in Bavaria and Israel. Cooperations are already on the way, investors are attracted in Munich and Tel-Aviv.

Updates & News

Godel Rosenberg im Portrait:

Kuhstall 4.0 - Bayerns Traditionsfirmen treffen auf Hightech aus Israel

jetzt online in der BR Mediathek

Godel Rosenberg

Head of the Representative Office of Bavaria in Israel

27 Hasharon St

4678429 Herzliya


Phone +972 9 9579091

Fax     +972 9 9579718


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