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1. GDP / Capita is $32 500,-- Israel is No 21 in the world;


2. Average growth in the last seven years is 5%; higher than all the EU members; a great market and the brand "Made in Germany" has a good image in Israel; 


3. Financial rating: A+ - higher than half of the EU members ; since the Israeli independence, Israel always paid its debts;


4. High-tech industries  - second only to the US: 4,4% of the Israeli GDP;


5. In R&D an opportunity to find good partners for industrial cooperation’s, where both sides could take adventage of two R&D agreements between Israel and Germany. 

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Godel Rosenberg im Portrait:

Kuhstall 4.0 - Bayerns Traditionsfirmen treffen auf Hightech aus Israel

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Godel Rosenberg

Head of the Representative Office of Bavaria in Israel

27 Hasharon St

4678429 Herzliya


Phone +972 9 9579091

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